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    Charrette van Eekelen

    CvE Canning Season

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    Charrette van Eekelen

    CvE Sun Specks

Artist Biography

Charrette van Eekelen has been exploring the use of fabric, hand embroidery, and assemblage in her recent works. Having recently completed the Ilam School of Fine Art’s MFA in 2023, she has developed a unique approach to painting using fabrics that are painted and then stitched with freestyle embroidery. The stitches in her work serve various purposes, resembling pencil drawings, guiding fingers pointing to specific elements, or creating shadows and light.

With a background in sculpture and painting, van Eekelen merges these two disciplines while also acknowledging the historical lineage of embroidery and craft makers from the past and present. By intentionally playing with quilting, paint, and fabric, she incorporates both personal and universal images into her artwork. These images are drawn from the recesses of her mind, childhood memories, or beloved artworks. She finds inspiration in recalling these images, whether they are from her own past or great masterpieces, and seeks to discover something new within them, reimagining and reconstructing them in the process.

Materiality is a crucial component in van Eekelen’s work. She works alongside the materials, allowing them to guide and shape the final outcome. By merging painting and embroidery, both done by hand and machine, on fabrics, she creates layers that intertwine memories, while also editing and reconstructing the images. This process allows her to hold onto the familiar while moving forward, creating a way to explore new possibilities.

Stitches, in particular, hold a special significance in van Eekelen’s work. She sees them as representing time, as they can move in all directions, much like the passage of time itself. Through the combination of various artistic techniques, van Eekelen intertwines memories, personal experiences, and artistic exploration to create unique and layered artworks.

Artist Exhibitions

  • 26th Jul 2023 - 13th Aug 2023: Liminal Materials – Charrette van Eekelen, Jillian Wordsworth, Tracy Hay

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