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    Callum Pankhurst

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    Callum Pankhurst

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Born in New Zealand, Callum Pankhurst completed his Diploma in Craft Design (now BCH. Visual Arts) at Christchurch Polytechnic in the mid-1990s. An enduring strength of the programme is how strongly it provides students with an all-encompassing understanding of design principles, coupled with hands-on working across a wide spectrum of materials. This experience and appreciation has played an essential role in Callum’s design prowess, his keen knowledge of materials, their potential application, and indeed their limitations.
Recognition came within one year of graduation, when Callum gained a Queen Elizabeth II Arts Council grant.
For the past 28 years Callum has created an entity that collaborates and cross-pollinates to produce the concept-driven brand of “integrated design” for which he is recognised. In the past two years Pankhurst has devoted endless hours creating his passion, a full craft design environment that produces unique quality Crafted works



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  • 09th Feb 2021 - 27th Feb 2021: Neville campbell – Subterranean Crucible and Callum Pankhurst – Metamorphosis

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