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    Andrew Craig

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Andrew Craig

b.1954 Taupo NZ

I figured that art is mostly about ideas which art history would expose me to, so I embarked on a degree at the University of Canterbury majoring in the subject. The craft of painting I learnt at numerous workshops many of which were based at the School of Fine Arts at Ilam. After graduating the conspiracies of personal and vocational history lead me to a post-graduate qualification in landscape architecture, which currently pays the bills. While landscape architecture is creative I find painting much more so given that it’s entirely free from any client constraints. Nonetheless, the two disciplines are entwined where both draw peoples’ attention to, and appreciation of the landscape that may otherwise be overlooked or taken for granted.

Since painting I have exhibited widely, but primarily in my hometown of Christchurch and on various occasions in Auckland. Works are held in private, corporate and civic collections both in New Zealand and overseas.



Artist Exhibitions

  • 13th Jul 2022 - 30th Jul 2022: Richard Adams, Andrew Craig, Casey Bailey

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  • 23rd Jun 2020 - 11th Jul 2020: Andrew Craig – Geo vanitas, Kara Burrowes – Lockdown Series 25320201159

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  • 31st Jul 2018 - 18th Aug 2018: Andrew Craig – Origin of the World & Rory McDougall – Lithic Garden

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