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Alix Ashworth?

(K?i Tahu, K?ti M?moe, Waitaha)

?Ko au te uku, te uku ko au? ( I am the clay, the clay is me)

Alix?s work discusses identity and belonging through ceramic sculpture focusing on strong narrative.

Working from her home studio she uses personal reflection to influence her work, which often instils an emotional response.

Poems are placed alongside the sculptures to inform the viewer of the emotion behind the piece.

Having a Bachelor in Fine Arts and Pre-trader of the year in Tool making, her eclectic learning choices lead her to explore clay through Otago Polytechnic. Graduating in 2018 it became apparent that clay/uku was the medium she had been searching for.

? I have always been a maker. My hands are my eyes, and through clay I can finally see.?



“First Thursdays”: December 2016 Kennett Jewellers, Christchurch
“Collude” Group Exhibit: Feb 2017 Next Gallery, Christchurch
“First Thursdays- Life Aquatic”: Dec 2017 Westende Jewellers, Christchurch
“Shared Lines” : Feb 2019 Kaikoura
“Shared Lines” ?tautahi: March 2019 The Arts Center, Christchurch
“Mata Hou”: June 2019 The Arts Center, Christchurch
“Ko Au”: Oct 2019 Absolution, Christchurch (Solo Show)
“Makeshift” : June 2020 Eastside Gallery, Christchurch
“Whitu” : June 2020 Masterworks Gallery, Auckland
“Makeshift” : June 2020 Eastside Gallery, Cristchurch
“Aoraki Matat?” Ng?i Tahu Artists: June-July 2020 The Arts Center Christchurch

“Te Whare Marie o Nga Pungawerewere” July 2020, Eastside Gallery, Christchurch


2018- Diploma in Ceramic Arts
(Level 6)
Otago Polytechnic

2009-Bachelor of Fine Arts
(Level 7)
University of Canterbury

2008-Certificate in Mechanical Engineering
(Trade) (Level 4)
Christchurch Polytechnic
Pre-Trader of the Year

2001-University Entrance
St Andrews College
Scholarship & Bursary in Painting


Artist Exhibitions

  • 25th Aug 2020 - 12th Sep 2020: Rebecca Smallridge – Regeneration, Alix Ashworth – “Singing them home, Karen Greenslade – Where the Creek Runs

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