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    Sarah Garland

    SG Where’s the Soap ? 1/5

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    Sarah Garland

    SG It’s the Quiet Ones

Artist Biography



Artist Biography:

Sarah Garland was born in Christchurch in 1975. She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in Painting, both from the University of Canterbury. She works exclusively in oils and paints figurative works, subjects drawn from family photographs. Her preference is for ‘bad’ photos, that is, poorly timed, cheesy or accidentally cropped. In our current digital age, these are the images that typically get overlooked or deleted, unlike in the past, when you developed a film, everything was printed, all errors included. Elements are depicted representationally but line and contour is exaggerated, and colour amplified.The body is the enduring feature of her work, whether shown in full, cropped or suggested by its absence. Sarah is married with school-age children, teaches painting part-time and practises from her garden studio.

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