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  • Image of JG Bartholemhew John

    Jason Greig

    JG Bartholemhew John

  • Image of JG Morelia Spilota ( Carpet Python )

    Jason Greig

    JG Morelia Spilota ( Carpet Python )

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Jason Greig’s prints have consistently attracted the attention of curators, collectors and academics since he graduated from the University of Canterbury in 1985. His prints reveal a comphrehesnive knowledge of 19th Romanticism as well as heavy metal music. Odilon Redon, Edgar Allan Poe and Black Sabbath all cohabitate in some form or other in his work. Masterfully, Greig plays the familiarity of images associated with Gothic art against an astute commentary on the secret and unknowable nature of human behaviour. Greig’s work is held in the public collections of Te Papa Tongarewa and Christchurch Art Gallery

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